Saliva is the body’s natural defense mechanism against disease and the mouth is one of the major routes for the introduction of disease into the human body.  
Dry Mouth or Xerostomia is due to a lack of saliva and can cause difficulty in speech and eating. It also leads to halitosis and a dramatic rise in the number of cavities as the protective effect of saliva's remineralizing the enamel is no longer present, and can make the tissue of the mouth more vulnerable to infection.
• Xerostomia affects 90% of advanced cancer patients
• Described as an orphan topic in supportive care, Xerostomia was recently found to be the 4th most distressing symptom in advanced cancer
• Oral cancer is the sixth most common malignancy worldwide.
• Xerostomia is common in cancer and following chemotherapy, head or neck radiotherapy/surgery.
• 93% suffer from Xerostomia with little chance of recuperation
• 77% of hospice in-patients have Xerostomia
• 65% suffer moderate to severe Xerostomia
• Oral Candidiasis is the most frequent infection in cancer patients
• Dysphagia is a common complication of oral cancer treatment.
• Ulcerative oral Mucositis occurs in approximately 40% of patients receiving chemotherapy.



A double-blind crossover study of Biotene Oralbalance and bioXtra systems as salivary substitutes
in patients with post-radiotherapy xerostomia.
Shahdad et al. Eur J Cancer Care 14, 319-326.2005


The BioXtra Oral Care Programme

Clinically Proven to Ease the Symptoms and Effects of Dry Mouth

In the past several products have been developed to deliver a daily dosage of bacteria fighting agents in order to promote a stable, balanced oral environment.

However, studies, performed on saliva samples showed that the products do not significantly affect the accumulation plaque and bacteria organized in and under the biofilm. Bacteria organised in biofilms do not react to antimicrobial agents in the same way as when they are detached and isolated.

The detached bacteria on the surface of the mouth (aerobic or planktronic) may be destroyed and washed away by the products but the products could not penetrate the layers of biofilm built up in the mouth. As biofilm builds up the aerobic bacteria become anaerobic and start to create new infections.


How does BioXtra work?

The BioXtra products are a new generation and concept in oral care for dry mouths.  The bioXtra products have been shown to be effective in helping to separate biofilm from the surface of the mouth so that the anti-bacterial agents in the formulation can kill and wash away the bacteria. Colostrum Extract is the key enzyme in the innovation.
BioXtra’s unique formulation mimics not only the essential Salivary Peroxidase System, but also introduces other naturally occurring
salivary components, to help supplement the mouth’s natural anti-bacterial non-immune and immune mechanisms.

The BioXtra products, based on a tried and tested patented formulation, combine salivary protective systems with Colostrum Extract. Moreover, Immunoglobulins present in the Colostrum Extract also bind to the isolated bacteria inhibiting a re-adhesion to the epithelial cells so helping to regenerate and repair damaged mucosa.

The active ingredients in BioXtra, derived from milk and milk by-products, have been carefully selected to create a formula which
works optimally to provide a regular supplementation of essential oral components.

Any ingredients known to lessen the effectiveness of the formulation have been excluded. These include, amongst others, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium Fluoride, alcohol and menthol.

In the mouth, concentrations of salivary antmicrobials can vary as a result of factors such as diet, stress, vitamin deficiency, ageing,
medications, systemic diseases and medical treatments.

In order to optimise the protective activity of natural saliva, therefore, salivary compounds have been added to the BioXtra range
rendering them particularly appropriate in the case of dry mouth, where little or no natural saliva protection is present.

In addition to its unique antimicrobial action, BioXtra’s patented 4-phase action works optimally to provide an immediate feeling of
moisture whilst promoting mouth comfort, oral health and freshness.

Shown in-vivo to be effective in dispersing biofilm bacteria and
provoking the mouth’s natural healing mechanisms, BioXtra is recommended and prescribed by physicians for the prophylactic care
of dry mouth. BioXtra is also beneficial to anyone who has difficulty in maintaining good oral hygiene.

Regular, daily application of the BioXtra products provides a unique oral care regime that eases the effects of a lack of saliva and helps
promote oral health by helping maintain a natural balance in the dry mouth.

BioXtra Dry Mouth Products are new to Canada and we invite you to explore our site to learn more information on the world renowned product line.

The importance of saliva is often overlooked. Only when it is lacking do we recognize the fundamental role our saliva plays in maintaining our quality of life.

Most of us may experience a temporary dry mouth at sometime without any ill effects.

However, any persistent alteration in salivary gland function may create a decrease in the quantity or quality of your saliva. This lack of saliva can be referred to as ‘dry mouth’ or, in medical terms, ‘Xerostomia’.

When there is a prolonged lack of saliva we may feel thirsty more often, our mouths may feel uncomfortable and we may experience bad breath or difficulties in chewing and swallowing dry foods. For many of us, we may not be able to pinpoint the true source of the discomfort; we just know that something is not quite right.

The ‘dry mouth’ condition is considerably more prevalent than commonly recognized.

Research has suggested that as many as 1 in 5 of us will suffer the effects of ‘dry ‘mouth’ at some time in their life.



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